Wechat / QQ

Original Japanese emoji graphics and codes

Wechat / QQ

Classic mobile Tencent Wechat had 100 emoticons and other symbols, the desktop / web version added 5 more. QQ seems to use a subset of these.

Emoticon Faces

Code Input Emoji Image Description
:) /::) :smile: :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: smile smile
:~ /::~ :grimacing: grimance grimace
:B /::B :drooling_face: :heart_eyes: drool drool
:\| /::\| (:imp: :rage: :confused: ) #362 scowl scowl
8-) /:8-) :sunglasses: cool_guy cool
:< /::< :sob: sob sob
:$ /::$ :blush: shy shy
:X /::X :zipper_mouth_face: :no_mouth: silent silent
:Z /::Z :sleeping: sleep sleep
:'( /::'( :cry: cry cry
:-\| /::-\| #363 awkward awkward
:@ /::@ :angry: angry angry
:P /::P :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: tongue tongue
:D /::D :grin: :grinning: :laughing: grin grin
:O /::O :open_mouth: surprise surprise
:( /::( :frowning: :frowning_face: frown frown
:+ /::+ #364 ruthless ruthless
--b /:--b (:blush:) blush blush
:Q /::Q :scream: scream scream
:T /::T :nauseated_face: puke puke
,@P /:,@P 🤭 (Unicode10) chuckle chuckle
,@-D /:,@-D 😊 joyful joyful
:d /::d #365 slight slight
,@o /:,@o :smirk: smug smug
:g /::g (:yum:) hungry hungry
\|-) /:\|-) (:sleepy: :tired_face: :weary:) drowsy drowsy
:! /::! (:fearful: :cold_sweat:) panic panic
:L /::L :sweat: :cold_sweat: :disappointed_relieved: sweat sweat
:> /::> :laughing: :joy: laugh laugh
:,@ /::,@ #283 commando commando
,@f /:,@f :persevere: determined determined
:-S /::-S 🤬 (Unicode10) scold scold
? /:? :fearful: shocked shocked
,@x /:,@x 🤫 (Unicode10) shhh shhh
,@@ /:,@@ :dizzy_face: :dizzy: dizzy dizzy
:8 /::8 #366 tormented tormented
,@! /:,@! #367 toasted toasted
!!! /:!!! :skull: skull skull
xx /:xx (:hammer:) hammer hammer
bye /:bye (:wave:) wave wave
wipe /:wipe #368 speechless speechless
dig /:dig #369 nose_pick nose_pick
handclap /:handclap (:clap:) clap clap
&-( /:&-( #370 shame shame
B-) /:B-) #371 trick trick
<@ /:<@ (:rage:) bah_l bah left
@> /:@> (:rage:) bah_r bah right
:-O /::-O #220 :tired_face: :weary: :sleepy: yawn yawn
>-\| /:>-\| #372 pooh_pooh pooh pooh
P-( /:P-( #373 shrunken shrunken
:'\| /::'\| #374 :worried: tearing_up tearing up
X-) /:X-) #375 sly sly
:* /::* :kissing: kiss kiss
@x /:@x #376 wrath wrath
8* /:8* #377 whimper whimper

Objects etc.

Code Input Emoji Image Description
pd /:pd 🔪 cleaver cleaver
<W> /:<W> 🍉 watermelon watermelon
beer /:beer 🍺 beer beer
basketb /:basketb 🏀 basketball basketball
oo /:oo 🏓 ping_pong ping pong
coffee /:coffee :coffee: coffee coffee
eat /:eat 🍚 rice rice
pig /:pig 🐷 pig pig
rose /:rose 🌹 rose rose
fade /:fade 🥀 wilt wilt
showlove /:showlove :lips: lips lips
heart /:heart :heart: heart heart
break /:break 💔 broken_heart broken heart
cake /:cake 🎂 cake cake
li /:li :zap: lightning lightning
bome /:bome 💣 bomb bomb
kn /:kn 🗡 dagger dagger
footb /:footb :soccer: soccer soccer
ladybug /:ladybug 🐞 ladybug ladybug
shit /:shit 💩 poop poop (without face)
moon /:moon 🌛 🌜 🌝 :night_with_stars: :crescent_moon: moon moon (without face, = night)
sun /:sun 🌞 sun sun (= day, daylight, sunlight, sunshine)
gift /:gift 🎁 gift gift

Gestures and Poses

Code Input Emoji Image Description
hug /:hug (🤗) hug hug (should be Person Hugging, not Hugging Face)
strong /:strong 👍 thumbs_up thumbs up
weak /:weak 👎 thumbs_down thumbs down
share /:share 🤝 shake shake
v /:v :v: peace peace
@) /:@) #378 fight pre-fight gesture
jj /:jj #379 beckon beckon
@@ /:@@ fist (raised) fist
bad /:bad #322 pinky pinky
lvu /:lvu 🤘 🤟 rock_on rock on (sign of the horns) or ILY I love you hand sign
no /:no (:point_up:☝) nuh_uh nuh uh
ok /:ok :ok_hand: ok ok

People / Penguins Acting

Code Input Emoji Image Description
love /:love (:couple: :couple_with_heart_woman_man: :couplekiss_man_woman:) in_love in love
<L> /:<L>   blowkiss blowkiss
jump /:jump   waddle waddle
shake /:shake   tremble tremble
<O> /:<O>   aaagh aaagh
circle /:circle   twirl twirl
kotow /:kotow :bowing_man: kotow kotow
turn /:turn   dramatic dramatic
skip /:skip (:man_shrugging:) jump_rope jump rope
oY /:oY   surrender surrender

Specific References

Animated variants

Code PUA Image Chinese
/::) U+E100 U+E100 微笑
/::~ U+E101 U+E101 撇嘴
/::B U+E102 U+E102
/::\| U+E103 U+E103 发呆
/:8-) U+E104 U+E104 得意
/::< U+E105 U+E105 流泪
/::$ U+E106 U+E106 害羞
/::X U+E107 U+E107 闭嘴
/::Z U+E108 U+E108
/::'( U+E109 U+E109 大哭
/::-\| U+E110 U+E110 尴尬
/::@ U+E111 U+E111 发怒
/::P U+E112 U+E112 调皮
/::D U+E113 U+E113 呲牙
/::O U+E114 U+E114 惊讶
/::( U+E115 U+E115 难过
/::+ U+E116 U+E116
/:--b U+E117 U+E117 冷汗
/::Q U+E118 U+E118 抓狂
/::T U+E119 U+E119
/:,@P U+E120 U+E120 偷笑
/:,@-D U+E121 U+E121 可爱
/::d U+E122 U+E122 白眼
/:,@o U+E123 U+E123 傲慢
/::g U+E124 U+E124 饥饿
/:\|-) U+E125 U+E125
/::! U+E126 U+E126 惊恐
/::L U+E127 U+E127 流汗
/::> U+E128 U+E128 憨笑
/::,@ U+E129 U+E129 大兵
/:,@f U+E130 U+E130 奋斗
/::-S U+E131 U+E131 咒骂
/:? U+E132 U+E132 疑问
/:,@x U+E133 U+E133
/:,@@ U+E134 U+E134
/::8 U+E135 U+E135 折磨
/:,@! U+E136 U+E136
/:!!! U+E137 U+E137 骷髅
/:xx U+E138 U+E138 敲打
/:bye U+E139 U+E139 再见
/:wipe U+E140 U+E140 擦汗
/:dig U+E141 U+E141 抠鼻
/:handclap U+E142 U+E142 鼓掌
/:&-( U+E143 U+E143 糗大了
/:B-) U+E144 U+E144 坏笑
/:<@ U+E145 U+E145 左哼哼
/:@> U+E146 U+E146 右哼哼
/::-O U+E147 U+E147 哈欠
/:>-\| U+E148 U+E148 鄙视
/:P-( U+E149 U+E149 委屈
/::'\| U+E150 U+E150 快哭了
/:X-) U+E151 U+E151 阴险
/::* U+E152 U+E152 亲亲
/:@x U+E153 U+E153
/:8* U+E154 U+E154 可怜
/:pd U+E155 U+E155 菜刀
/:<W> U+E156 U+E156 西瓜
/:beer U+E157 U+E157 啤酒
/:basketb U+E158 U+E158 篮球
/:oo U+E159 U+E159 乒乓
/:coffee U+E160 U+E160 咖啡
/:eat U+E161 U+E161
/:pig U+E162 U+E162 猪头
/:rose U+E163 U+E163 玫瑰
/:fade U+E164 U+E164 凋谢
/:showlove U+E165 U+E165 嘴唇
/:heart U+E166 U+E166 爱心
/:break U+E167 U+E167 心碎
/:cake U+E168 U+E168 蛋糕
/:li U+E169 U+E169 闪电
/:bome U+E170 U+E170 炸弹
/:kn U+E171 U+E171
/:footb U+E172 U+E172 足球
/:ladybug U+E173 U+E173 瓢虫
/:shit U+E174 U+E174 便便
/:moon U+E175 U+E175 月亮
/:sun U+E176 U+E176 太阳
/:gift U+E177 U+E177 礼物
/:hug U+E178 U+E178 拥抱
/:strong U+E179 U+E179
/:weak U+E180 U+E180
/:share U+E181 U+E181 握手
/:v U+E182 U+E182 胜利
/:@) U+E183 U+E183 抱拳
/:jj U+E184 U+E184 勾引
/:@@ U+E185 U+E185 拳头
/:bad U+E186 U+E186 差劲
/:lvu U+E187 U+E187 爱你
/:no U+E188 U+E188 NO
/:ok U+E189 U+E189 OK
/:love U+E190 U+E190 爱情
/:<L> U+E191 U+E191 飞吻
/:jump U+E192 U+E192 跳跳
/:shake U+E193 U+E193 发抖
/:<O> U+E194 U+E194 怄火
/:circle U+E195 U+E195 转圈
/:kotow U+E196 U+E196 磕头
/:turn U+E197 U+E197 回头
/:skip U+E198 U+E198 跳绳
/:oY U+E199 U+E199 挥手
/:#-0 U+E200 U+E200 激动
/:hiphot U+E201 U+E201 街舞
/:kiss U+E202 U+E202 献吻
/:<& U+E203 U+E203 左太极
/:&> U+E204 U+E204 右太极

Note how the PUA codes seem to use three-digit decimal numbers, although they are of course really hexadecimal. Some of the missing codes in between are actually used by WeChat, though.